Photo Murals & Backdrops

Available Media:
  • U-Glue Digital Wallpaper
  • ValueTuff Photo Satin
  • Premium Vinyl
  • Backlit Vinyl
  • Jumbo Vinyl
  • Celtic Cloth
See Our Photo Murals in Action:
Blue River Digital offers a selection of over 1,400 full-color mural photos, all available FREE with your mural order! …Or, upload your OWN photo to us for a beautiful full-scale mural at whatever custom size you specify!
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Standard Murals
(double-discounted, limited selection of Blue River stock photos, at pre-set sizes)
Custom Murals
(choose your own size and a photo from Blue River Digital's extensive stock photo library at no extra charge, or provide your own digital photo)
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NOTE: Price based off of a minimum of 40 square feet for Custom Photo Murals. Mural will be produced at the size specified.
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I will provide my own digital artwork   add $49.00 setup
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U-Glue Digital Wallpaper   $2.95/sq.ft.
ValueTuff Photo Satin   $4.95/sq.ft.
JumboVinyl   $7.95/sq.ft.
PremiumVinyl   $7.95/sq.ft.
Backlit Vinyl   $10.95/sq.ft.
Celtic Cloth fabric  $11.95/sq.ft.
What's this?
LoGlare UV Satin (standard)   add $2.25/sq.ft.
SuperColor UV Gloss   add $2.25/sq.ft.
ZeroGlare UV Matte   add $2.25/sq.ft.
No Laminate
* Price does not include shipping and handling.
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Can I provide my own photo?
Yes, you can upload your own photo right through our website (up to 500 MB) after you place your order. For more information on sending files click here.
What resolution should my photo be, for a mural?
75 dpi at final size is ideal, but many photo originals do not have enough resolution for this. 40 to 50 dpi is acceptable for most murals depending on the artwork and the customer's expectation. Below 40 dpi is sketchy, although we've had quite a few customers accept their photomurals at 20 to 30 dpi for one reason or another.
In what file format should I send my photo?
Our preferred file formats are TIFF or JPEG. Also please convert the color mode of your file to CMYK format before sending.
What is the price for a mural from Blue River Digital?
Please Click on the Instant Quote tab in the left panel, to get an immediate quotation, based on your size and options.
How do I find out if my photo is high-enough resolution for a mural?
You can send it to Blue River Digital for a free preview to determine this, or you can ask any professional graphic designer or digital photographer to take a look at your digital photo file. Also, for a modest charge Blue River Digital can provide a hard copy sample proof on request, to help you "test" your photo for quality and resolution.
Does Blue River Digital offer any photos that are not listed in Blue River's online library?
Yes, you can email us a list of keywords that you would like us to use to search our archive for related photos. Please call us at 800-706-4276 to request a list of stock photos based on your keyword list.
Are there any photos besides those shown here?
Yes, you can email us a list of keywords that you would like us to use to search our archive for related photos. Please contact our Customer Service dept. at 800-706-4276 for the appropriate email address to which you can send your keyword list.
Will Blue River Digital install my U-Glue Digital Wallpaper mural?
Blue River Digital does not install nor recommend installers. Look up wallpaper installers for your local area. Your selected installer is welcome to contact Blue River Digital for installation support.
How do I install my mural?
How can I install my mural or backdrop outdoors?
Blue River Digital does not offer an adhesive-back media that is useable outdoors, but for our outdoor-capable media such as Jumbo Vinyl and Backlit Vinyl, Blue River Digital can provide corner and/or side grommets on request, as well as pole sleeves along the edges.
Which media should I choose?
The ideal media for your mural depends on where you intend to install it, what it's being used for and how long you want it to last:
U-Glue Choose this media for permanent, indoor wallpaper applications. You will want to have an experienced wallpaper hanger help you install this media.
ValueTuff Rich-color, smooth, tear-resistant paper for short-term display such as photo shoots, event backdrops and temporary promotions.
Jumbo Vinyl Long-term outdoor usage, or indoor usage in which transportability and/or repeat handling apply.
Premium Vinyl Indoor, or short-term outdoor usage, where higher resolution and smoother colors are important.
Backlit Vinyl Outdoor-durable translucent vinyl intended to be placed in front of a light source, for light to show through the color artwork.
Celtic Cloth Warm, organic look for tension fabric displays or trade show environments. With zero reflection, also great for photo shoot backdrops.